Does your school have a strategic vision for developing learners of English as an Additional Language?

Are you a member of senior leadership with responsibility for managing inclusion?

Target audience

  • Senior Leaders and middle managers with responsibility for Literacy and/ or English as an additional language (EAL).
  • EAL coordinators and teachers.
  • Heads of departments or faculties wishing to look at the language demands of their subject area and raise attainment for EAL learners.

Which schools will benefit from these services?

Schools with:
  • A new and growing number of EAL and/or minority ethnic learners.
  • A range of more advanced EAL learners.
  • A commitment to move BME and EAL learners to higher levels of attainment.
  • An interest in developing a strategic plan that trains all staff to promote high attainment of EAL learners across the whole school.

You can download all the training materials here for free.

Secondary Whole-School Language and Literacy Training

Transforming informal talk to formal writing through scaffolding exploratory talk and modelling writing.

EAL learners in the mainstream classroom

This one-day course is designed to give an overview of the key theories which underpin second language acquisition and the distinctive needs of learners with English as a second language (EAL).