Teachers are keen to support the language learning, curriculum access and achievement of EAL learners in their classes, sets and schools but often feel that they lack the resources to do so.

In this area we have brought together collections of resources to support the teaching and learning of EAL pupils in schools which may have been used in our trainings and other events.

You can download all the resources here for free.

Subject Teacher Planning Guidelines

A one page sheet to support secondary subject teachers plan the development of language and literacy for advanced EAL learners in their lessons.

EAL Curriculum Induction Course

Does your school have older students who arrive with little or no knowledge of English or our education system? Here is an example of a language based, curriculum induction course to help these students settle in and introduce them to the school curriculum.

Introduction to the Academic Word List (AWL)
The Academic Word List, (Coxhead 2000) consists of 570 word 'families' commonly found in academic subject texts. These words also occur in newspapers and other non-fiction texts but are less common in fiction. Each word family consists of a head word and related words. For example, the verb consult (v) has as its 'family members', consultant (n), consultancy (n), consultative (adj), consultation (n).

The AWL contains essential vocabulary for both teachers and learners of English in secondary and tertiary education. The words are generic rather than subject- specific; often known as 'Tier 2' words.

This page provides two resources for learning academic words: a word highlighter and a gapmaker. Both these activities enable teachers and learners to understand and use the words in the context of real texts.
Further Information

Academic Word List Highlighter